5 Day Sailing Trip – Athens to Andros

5 days of luxury on the water from Athens to Andros

You’ll get your dose of Greek nightlife, modern art and abundant natural beauty when you set off to unspoiled Andros island.

Trip checkins are on Saturdays, at 5:00p.m. and you’ll be checking out from your yacht in Andros on Thursday, at 5:00p.m.

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What you need to know

Capacity: Up to 6 people

Yacht type: Sailing yacht

Departs from: Athens

Duration: 6 days, accommodation for 5 nights

Nearest airport: ATH – Athens, El Venizelos – Greece

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Sailing to Andros Island


Route details


Upon embarking, you’ll pass along the Athenian riviera before reaching the port of Sounio. Should you make good time to the port of Sounio, visit the Temple of Poseidon before dark, or have your morning coffee on the cafe near the archeological site. Both the Temple and the cafe have amazing views of the Aegean. You’ll be leaving for Andros island in the morning.


Andros is one of the lushest Cyclades islands, and its large size has kept the island’s character diversified – some areas remain unspoilt and rustic while others cater to the island’s growing tourism industry. Before you reach the port of Gavrio you’ll want to see the island’s famous lighthouse at Tourlitis, just off the coast. A fishing village until recently, the port of Gavrio now serves as a waypoint for yachters cruising the northern Cyclades. If you want to sail to the heart of Andros’ nightlife, set a course towards Batsi. Alternatively, the Korthi area is home to traditional Andros villages built on the mountainside – villages like Agia Triada, Piso Meria, Sineti and Aidonia. The island’s large size means that day trips are the best way to explore the island.


On the road from Gavrio to Ano Gavrio you’ll pass by the island’s famous pigeon houses. Overlooking the bay and about 15 minutes by car from Gavrio, you’ll find a signal tower dating back to the Hellenistic Era. If you visit Batsi, check out Thalassa and Ammos restaurants – don’t forget to sample Andros’ traditional sweets. Later on, go for drinks at Capriccio bar. The International Andros Festival takes place in the summer, at the Open Theater in Chora. Museum aficionados shouldn’t miss the Museum of Modern Art, as well as the Nautical museum also located in the town.

5 Day Sailing Trip - Athens to Andros

Visit some of the amazing beaches in Andros with your yacht



There are many beaches in Andros that you can visit with your yacht, either as a combined trip or as a day trip. Chrissi Ammos is considered the best beach in Andros – this long sandy beach is family friendly, and organized with beach bar, sun beds and some available watersports. The resort beach of Agios Petros is often used by surfers. Batsi is another resort beach near the hilly town that goes by the same name – a line of Tamarisk trees provide shade along the coastline of this shallow beach. The secluded beaches of Halkolimnionas and Apothikes are nestled in rocky bays, but organised Apothikes has a beach bar. At Grias Pidima beach there’s a unique rock formation that extends upwards from the sea and is very popular amongst tourists and locals alike.

Chora beach is organized but right next to it are a series of small beaches and coves that you can visit with your yacht. To the north is Achla, a secluded wetland where a river’s fresh water mixes with the Aegean sea – this slice of heaven is kept company by a stone church built on one side of the bay. Vori should also not be missed – a modern shipwreck adds an aura of mystery to the beaches’ isolated natural beauty. Vitali beach is another secluded beach with a few facilities during the summer, like a single tavern as well as sun beds.  At the left side of the beach, there’s an inlet in the rock where you can find refuge from the sun.


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